Transfer of Account Payee to Government or Semi Government organizations

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Service name:

Transfer of Account Payee to Government or Semi Government organizations

Service description: Service given to client guaranteeing that third party not client will pay AADC water/electricity bills. Example transfer of payee on client's employer working for.
Process description:
  • Submission of required documents at customer service counters in any branch.
  • Branch sends documents to Accounting Section for approval & makes the required modification to transfer the consumption on payee party & suspension of bills to client.
Special conditions:
  • Transfer of payment on Social Affairs (apply to UAE citizens only).
  • Premise must be under service applicant name.
  • In case of applicant tenant the following is required:
  • Tenant contract under utilized party name
  • Attested tenant contract.
  • In case of premise belonging to in heritage required attaching copy of inherit settlement mention utilize party name.
  • Annual profile update & documents required for  social affairs utilized account holders
Fees: Free of Charge
Service access: Service Inquiry:
AADC Contact Center (8009008) 24 Hours / 7 days Applying for Service:
Main Branch Telephone 03-7636000 or external branches
Working hours: Main Branch or any external branches during official working hours (7AM – 3 PM) from Sunday to Thursday.
Service Availability: Individuals only
Required Documents Government or semi Government organizations:
  • Letter from concerned party approving transfer of account payment
  • Copy of ID card (UAE citizens)
  • Copy of ID or passport copy for expatriates (valid visa)
  • Account no./subscription no./meter no.
Social affairs:
  • Official letter from Social Affairs in the name of utilizing party with full details.
  • Copy of property ownership certificate in name of utilizing party
  • Copy of tenant contract attested in case of premises on rent.
  • Copy of ID card.
  • Copy of social affairs ATM bank card
  • Copy of Nationality Entry.
Service Duration : 1 Day


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