Electricity Tariff Incentive Program for Industry

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Electricity Tariff Incentive Program for Industry


AADC and ADDC have launched a joint initiative with the Industrial Development Bureau, part of the Department of Economic Development.

The intention of this initiative is to encourage investment and expansion in the manufacturing sector and to contribute to Abu Dhabi's goal of 'Securing financial sustainability for vital sectors'.

The initiative will assist companies in:

  • Reducing operational costs.
  • Boosting productivity.
  • Enhancing competitiveness.
  • Encouraging technological transformation.
  • Encouraging energy efficiency.


The initiative provides a discount to normal industrial tariffs for those sites with active industrial licenses and who fulfil certain qualifying criteria.

The full application process is accessed on https://added.gov.ae/

Qualification for the incentive tariff is assessed in a scoring process which measures:

  • Economic test for contribution to the Abu Dhabi economy - 40% of the total score.
  • Economic test for productivity - 40% of the total score.
  • Installed capacity of the site electrical supply - 20% of the total score.


Details of the economic contribution and productivity tests are available on the IDB website. The score for the installed electrical supply capacity is only available to sites who can prove that they have a 'Connected Load' of over 5MW. Note that if the connected load is below this figure, then the site will not receive the 20% load score, but could still qualify for the tariff through the 80% score on the economic tests.

Proof of connected load being over 5MW must be supplied by providing IDB with an updated approved Single Line Diagram of their electrical supply. If the site does not have this diagram, it should contact their distribution company to request a search of archives to check if a copy is available. If the distribution company does not possess a copy of the diagram, then the site should obtain as-built drawings through an approved electrical contractor. The contractor should then submit them as an Inspection Case to the distribution company to initiate site verification for the submitted drawings. The distribution company will then confirm the validity of the information submitted.



The drawings should then be inserted into a copy of the "Distribution Company Supply Details" form, developed for this program, along with a copy of the distribution company confirmation letter. The PDF of the completed form should then be uploaded to the IDB Incentive Tariff website.

If IDB awards the incentive tariff, the site will receive a certificate, which they should send to their distribution company by e-mail. For Please contact 8009008 for more details.

Once the distribution company has confirmed their information, the incentive tariff will be awarded.

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