Customer Services

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Customer Care Division is the largest department in AADC and it includes four different sections. The four sections are the following: customer support, sales support, services support and call centre. All these sections are working toward delivering services to our customers all around Al Ain city from receiving new connection requests to collect bills from customer. In addition to that, it works on reinforcing, disconnecting and restoring supply, issuing clearance and meters reading. On the other hand, call centre is responsible for receiving calls and answering enquiries.

Also, they solve customer’s complains and follow requests, interruptions and disconnections. Moreover, they are in charge of site inspection, checking electric wiring to ensure that it meet technical standards approved by ADWEA, testing internal wiring contractors, issuing the required certificates to practice and follow the maintenance of the water connection, improve the tankers fillings stations and maintain power network. Our department follows the latest standards and international indicators in checking the safety of power connection. We focus on developing our people skills, enhance their work quality and train them to use the newest programs and systems in water and electricity sector.


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