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AADC Overview

Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC) is a public joint stock company registered and incorporated in the United Arab Emirates under Law No 2 of 1998 on 1 January 1999 with Head Office at Al Ain. AADC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) with a fully paid capital of AED Billion 1,530,000,000.

AADC is the sole distributor and supplier of water and electricity in the Eastern Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (Al Ain city and its surrounding rural areas). This includes the ownership, operation and maintenance of the water and electricity distribution network assets, meter reading, and services for the supply of water and electricity.

The number of AADC employees at the end of 2012 was more than 1934 and the Company provides services to a population of the East Region of Abu Dhabi (Al Ain Region) approaching one half million people.

AADC has established a documented Integrated Management System, which includes IMS Policy Statement, IMS Objectives, IMS Management Manual, IMS Procedures, Operating Procedures, Process Maps, Flow Charts and IMS Records.

AADC has achieved:

  • SKEA - Shaikh Khalifa Excellence AWARD
  • ADAEP ( Abu Dhabi AWARD for Excellence in Government Performance) for the best Technical Project
  • Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & 18001:2007 combined standards)
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for Laboratory
  • Managements System Standard (ISO 10002:2004) for Handling Customer complaint in respect to water and electricity services

View AADC IMS Policy Statement

Corporate Objectives :

  • Improving Customer Service.
  • Developing utility infrastructure in Al Ain equal to the best in the region.
  • Reducing expenditure (OPEX & CAPEX) and increasing revenues to reduce Government subsidy.
  • Improving financial return on investments.
  • Meeting guarantees & obligations as per operating license and all applicable regulations.


AADC has revisited its vision to ensure alignment with the vision of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and ADWEA for the next 5 years and established targets to define and measure success of AADC's core business areas. These core business areas are:
Servicing Current Demand: AADC's responsibility is to reliably, securely and safely distribute water and electricity from Transco's termination points to residential, commercial, agricultural and government consumers in the Al Ain Region.

To fulfill this responsibility AADC manages the following:

  • Maintenance and operation of a network of distribution assets;
  • Testing of water quality through its Laboratory service; and
  • Customer interfaces, including customer billing, revenue collection and call centre operation.

Servicing Future Demand: To ensure the supply of water and electricity into the future, AADC is responsible for the planning and execution of water and electricity network extension and augmentation projects. These projects will satisfy the demand from new residential, agricultural and commercial customers including major developments in the Region.


ADWEA: Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) is a Government body that owns 100% of AADC.  In the last few years ADWEA has devolved increasing responsibility to its subsidiaries, including AADC. AADC must however continue to operate within the overall policy framework set by ADWEA, including in the areas of personnel policy, procurement policy, and financial policy.

Developers: AADC's responsibilities include the planning and execution of capital works projects.  As such, AADC has direct relationships with developers of major projects.

Executive Council: The Abu Dhabi Executive Council is pursuing ambitious economic growth and development plans.  These have been described in the Policy Agenda and in the Plan Abu Dhabi 2030.  The water and electricity sector, of which AADC is a key player, is vital to the realization of these plans through the provision of the water and electricity essential to support these developments.

Regulation & Supervision Bureau: The Regulation & Supervision Bureau (RSB) is a key stakeholder for AADC.  The RSB has both a supervisory function and a regulatory function as part of its statutory obligations.

Transco: Transcos core business is the planning, construction, and operation of the Abu Dhabi water and electricity transmission network.  Transco's responsibilities include servicing current demand for water and electricity transmission and building the appropriate infrastructure to service future demand

Our Customers: Because we offer quality services to our clients, we adopt a long-term perspective of their needs and interests. Strategic Planning will ensure services that meet their requirements and exceed their expectations

Our suppliers: AADC has established long relations with key suppliers. Some of these suppliers have been supplying their products or providing their services to the company since the beginning. The relationship with our suppliers is reviewed periodically and depending on the requirement and market trend new partners are introduced to remain competitive and cost effective.

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