Water Distribution

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Water Distribution

The water distribution system at Al Ain comprises of over 3,900 km of water pipelines, from 80 mm to 800 mm diameter and  8 water pumping station owned and operated associated plant which are owned and operated by Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC) and used for the distribution of potable water to customers and commercial users.

Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC) served 57112 customers at Al Ain city and remote areas. The average daily supply to AADC in 2009 was 170 MGD.

The sea water desalination plant the only source of distributing drinking water:

  • Taweelah through twin 1,200 mm diameter pipelines, with boosting provided at pumping stations at Ajban and Sweihan;
  • Abu Dhabi through a 1,000 mm diameter pipeline boosted at the Shobaisi and Remah pumping stations; and
  • Fujairah via twin 1,600 mm diameter pipelines

The water delivered from the above source by TRANSCO through 58 interface points. Water is distributed by a series of pumping stations.

Currently, due to constraints on both the transmission and distribution networks, up to 45 percent of customers in Al Ain are on a restricted (intermittent) supply and this is expected to remain the case until 2010.

Important Information about Water Tariff


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