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Water conservation is an important and vital matter and the responsibility for conserving the natural resources lies on all of us .We have to adopt and follow the civilized and scientific solutions in dealing with water. As you are aware water resources are rare because of the dry, and hot climate. Provision of drinking water is costly to cover water pumping from wells and purifying it to make a freshwater and ending to desalinating of the sea water and transferring and distributing them in all through a highly standard pipes. In the following pages, you will find some guidelines that can help in saving water.

Water Conservation

Electricity represents the mainstay of life and it is the most prominent item in our modern era, with the growing demand of power consumption and the high cost of living there is a crucial need for power conservation in order for individuals, establishments, factories and organizations to reduce expenses.

The following are some guidelines that will help in persevering electricity.

Electricity Conservation

The ideal use of electricity in our life will lead us to avoid the potential risks and occurrences of several hazards associated with the use of electric that may result in fatal accidents. So, we present the following guidelines to make our customers aware of the potential hazards that may occur due to the over loading of sockets / equipments improper connection misuses, negligence of precaution non-availability of extinguishers ignorance of fire fighting rules and other causes that may lead to electric shock. 

Electricity Safety


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