Tanker Drivers Instructions

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First Safety instructions for tankers drivers:

  • All drivers should wear the personal protection equipment.
  • Exit and enter of tankers should be through the assigned gates.
  • Tanker’s drivers are requested to adhere with the designated pipes for filling of tankers.
  • Don’t leave the tanker during water filling.
  • Don’t touch water during filling to avoid water pollution.
  • Completely close the tank valve before coming down from top of the tank.
  • Closing the tank outlet after filling and before leaving the pump.
  • Climbing carefully and calmly to the top of water tank.
  • Make sure that no water leakage before moving.

Second Tanker section terms and instructions:

  • Tankers are not allowed to enter the pumping station without a permit.
  • Water conveying certificate should be valid.
  • Tanker ownership should be valid.
  • Water coupon should be as per the tanker capacity
  • Cleaning and general appearance of tanker is must and it should bear the phrase” drinking water “.
  • Registering the tanker number before filling of water.


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