Certificate of “To Whom IT May Concern”

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Service name:

Certificate of "To Whom IT May Concern"

Service description: Certificate issued to individuals owning accounts or not owning accounts with AADC based on customer's request.
Process description: Application submitted for "TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN" Certificate at any branch of customer service.
Fees: Free of Charge
Service access: Service Inquiry:
AADC Contact Center (8009008) 24 Hours / 7 days Applying for Service:
Main Branch Telephone 03-7636000 or external branches
Working hours: Main Branch or any external branches during official working hours (7AM – 3 PM) from Sunday to Thursday.
Service Availability: Individuals & Corporate
Required Documents: Prove of person's ID
Letter from concerned party requesting for certificate
Service Duration : 1 Day


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