Removing of Permanent/Temporary Water Connection

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Service name:

Removing of Permanent/Temporary Water Connection

Service description: Disconnection of water service (Permanent: due to demolishing of existing premises, Temporary: new premises construction project).
Process description:
  • Submission of application for water connection line disconnection with required documents.
  • Obtaining appointment for inspection.
  • Completion of inspection & approval from concerned department.
  • Informing client for payment of fees.
  • Commencing on work to disconnect meter & water connection.
Fees:   Free service, consumption must be paid
Service access: Service Inquiry:
AADC Contact Center (8009008) 24 Hours / 7 days Applying for Service:
Technical counter , Al Saad Branch, Al Hayar Branch and Al Wagan Branch   
Working hours: Technical counter & external branches during official working hours (7AM – 3 PM) from Sunday to Thursday
Service Availability: Individuals & corporate
Service Duration : 5 Working Days

Required documents:

Connection TypePermanentTemporary
Documents TypeResidentialCommercialGovernmental
Letter from Al Ain Municipality        
Copy of the site plan        
Copy of Trade license        
Copy of Owner's ID        
Copy of construction license        
Meter / account number        


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