Engineering recommendation action plan

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In Implementation of the latest engineering recommendation of the standard connection arrangement for the connection of the customer’s electrical installation to AADC network that has been approved by Department of Energy on 09-07-2019,

The following requirements must be provided to arrange the isolating point for each user individually from the beginning of 2020.


1-Main circuit breaker (MCCB/ACB) for the incomer user feeder.

2- An outgoing MCCB for each user feeder.

3- MCCB for each Tariff meter.

4- Control circuitry for tripping and lockout of each MCCB by command from the associated tariff meter.

5- Facilities for locking and sealing to prevent tampering of the metering circuitry and meter connections.

AADC acquiring “Control Authority” of all of these breaker(s) and the User cannot operate the LV incomer circuit breaker and tariff meter’s breaker(s) without first obtaining approval from the AADC. For single user sites, the LV Incomer may be operated by AADC or the User’s representative under the supervision of AADC for isolation purpose.



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