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May, 16 2021 Views: 4626
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On the occasion of Eid Al Fiter, AADC carried out a number virtual events underthe title “Our Eid is joy and gathering”, in the presence of the Emirati actor, AliAltamimi, and the broadcaster, Hareb Alsuwaidi who presented the events in afamily-like atmosphere to show the company’s commitment to promoting socialrelationships among employees away from the daily routine.AADC Managing Director, Mr. Ali Al Sheryani, exchanged Eid greetings with thedirectors, managers, head sections and employees, in a way to reflect the conceptof unity and social harmony among AADC family.Finally and event was held “Eiditkom Alina” which was a competition withquestions on cultural heritage.AADC is keen to organize internal events between employees, in order to raiseemployee engagement, which in turn helps to increase the efficiency andeffectiveness of work performance, increase productivity, improve services, andwork in a positive environment with a team spirit

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