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AADC ends its 10/10 savings campaign

May, 22 2019 Views: 623
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AADC ends its 10/10 savings campaign that encourages users to make simple changes in their daily habits of water and electricity consumption by following 10 simple steps that contributes in save up to 10 % of the monthly bill. AADC managing director, Abdulla Al Sheryani said that “AADC completes the first campaign of its kind that aims to spread the culture of conservation, save water and electricity, save the natural resources and find sustainable environment solutions for a better life of the next generations”. Also, he added that our target of this campaign is clear and direct where it can be achieved by follow simple steps that led to great results and our collaboration with government and semi-government bodies in conducting awareness campaigns throughout the year is reflecting positively in understanding the basic factors of changing the daily consumption.    

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