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ALAin Distribution and 60 Minute Celebration with the world

March, 24 2018 Views: 797
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Al Ain Distribution at Al Jahli Park held a number of events related to the “Earth Hour” event, which included a

number of family and entertainment activities that aim at spreading environmental awareness and promoting a

culture of rational consumption of electricity, in addition to several pillars, including the free studio for children,

and competitions corner, a platform for the educational characters at the Company,which are Nour, Qatora

and Salama to raise awareness of the importance of rationalization of water and electricity consumption and

adherence to the requirements of achieving security and safety within the homes to achieve sustainability.


Eng./ Bader Al-Dhahli, Operation Executive Officer of Al Ain Distribution Company


, said: “We are pleased

to join the world’s cities by participating in this world event and commemorating this event, which is

the largest environmental event in the world. Al-Dhahli added that Al Ain Distribution is keen on raising

level of awareness of the environmental issues in line with the vision of our good government to make

the UAE a sustainable and innovative country on a global level. Throughout the year, the Company has

adopts a number of rationalization initiatives and awareness programs directed to various brackets of the

community, which aim to raise awareness of the importance of rational consumption and conservation


of natural resources and ensure its sustainability for the generations to come.

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