Request of Proposed Locations for Future Ducts

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Service name:

Request of Proposed Locations for Future Ducts

Service Description: This service helps in obtaining the proposed locations of future ducts by AADC which will be used by the approved contractors to lay high, MV and LV cables through them
Process description: Filling the application and attaching the required documents mentioned below
payable forAmount DhsFee
-- -- Free
Service access:
  1. Downloading the Request Form from Al Ain Distribution Company Website
  2. Filling the Request Form and attaching the required documents
  3. Submitting the  Request Form with all required documents to the Registrar of Asset Management Directorat
Working Hours: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday to Thursday
Service Availability : Consultants only
Service Duration: 5 working days

Note: Consultants only are allowed to submit the application and discuss any technical matters related to the application.

Required documents:

The following documents satisfying all conditions are obligatory to be submitted along with this request. Without the following documents, this application will not be accepted.

  1. Request Form shall be filled with all details and signed/ stamped by consultant and contractor.
  2. sets of drawings  for roads under construction or concerned areas satisfying the following conditions:
    1. Signed and stamped by consultant and contractor
    2. Proposed road/area shall be distinguished from the existing nearby road/area
    3. X-Y coordinates shall be clarified
    4. Distances on proposed roads/areas shall be clarified and mentioned every 300 meters
    5. A3 size drawings only shall be submitted



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