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For Direct Debit and Bill Smoothing Service

ISTMRAR service, automatic payments, is a Direct Debit Service to pay water and electricity bills automatically through customer's banking account (current account) in cooperation with the UAE Central Bank. Direct Debit service increases the efficiency of both paying and collecting regular payments compared to traditional payment methods such as cash and bank transfers.

This service is designed to provide a fast, easy and secure payment method to improve and facilitate paying your monthly bill. By signing up to ISTMRAR service, customers can also activate Bill Smoothing Service, which is calculating the monthly average value of the monthly bill to be deducted every month for one year during summer and winter periods.

ISTMRAR service provides the following benefits to individual and institutional customers:

  • Saving time and effort during the processes of paying and collecting regular payments

  • Flexible and reliable payment process

  • Ability to pay fixed value by subscribing to Bill Smoothing service

  • Continuity of service

  • Avoid raising the amount of insurance

  • Avoid payment delay charges

  • Avoiding disconnection and reconnection fees

  • Establishing a good credit record with Al Etihad Credit Bureau


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