Approval of Civil Design for Transformer Room

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Service name:

Approval of Civil Design for Transformer Room

Service description: The process is designed to expedite the approval process of Substation / Transformer Rooms Civil Design. As per regulation, the customer needs to get approval from AADC for construction of electrical substation before getting power supply.
Process description: Filling the application and attaching the required documents mentioned below.
 Fee Amount Dhs Payable For
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Service access:
  • Downloading the Request Form from Al Ain Distribution Company Website.
  • Filling the Request Form and attaching the required documents.
  • Submitting the  Request Form with all required documents to the Registrar of Projects Delivery Division (Civil Engineering Section).
Working hours: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday to Thursday.
Service availability : Public – specially contractor and consultants
Service Duration : 5 working days

Required documents:

Note: The following documents are obligatory to be submitted along with this request. Without the following documents this application will not be accepted.

  • Copy of Approved Supply Arrangement Request
  • Copy of TPD approved site plan with location of S/S clearly marked and approved by AADC
  • 3 sets of S/S drawings with details which are signed & stamped by consultant/contractor
  • Request Form attached with Annexure – 1 filled with all details and signed/ stamped by consultant/contractor

Transformer Room Layouts by AADC (for reference purpose):

Substation Room Civil Designs Approval Form:


Inspection form for SS Transformer Room approval:


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