Payment Methods

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Customers in Al Ain Area and its suburbs can pay their bills from one of Al Ain Distribution Customer Services Center or by visiting AADC e-Services website.

Also, AADC customers can pay through one of the following banks:

Bank NameContact NumberWebsite
Emirates Islamic Bank 04-3160101 Visit
Emirates Bank Group 04-2256256 Visit
Dubai National Bank 8004767 Visit
Noor Islamic Bank 8006667 Visit
CBI UAE 800224 Visit
Al Hilal Islamic Bank 800666666 Visit
First Gulf Bank 8005433 Visit
National Bank of Abu Dhabi 8002211 Visit
City Bank 04-3114000 Visit
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 8002030 Visit
Middle East Bank 8004792 Visit
Union National Bank 8002600 Visit
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 8002288 Visit

You can also buy through our kiosks:

  • Kiosk - AADC Main building  
  • Kiosk - Al souq branch1
  • Kiosk - Al souq branch basement2
  • Kiosk - Al Ain Mall
  • Kiosk - Al Jimmi Mall
  • Kiosk - ADNOC Hilli
  • Kiosk - ADNOC Bathaa Alhayer
  • Kiosk - Al Yahar cooperative