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AADC introduced istimrar benefits to Al Sarooj people

February, 17 2020 Views: 2598
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In coordination with Al Ain Distribution Company, The Majalis Affairs Office at the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court gave a lecture on (Together to preserve our natural resources) at Al Sarooj majlis, and in presence of a group of Al Sarooj people and AADC engineers. This lecture aims to introduce the meaning of wise consumption, instructions, and steps that contribute in maintaining our environment and natural resources, as well as to achieve sustainability by adhering the domestic security and safety conditions.


Moreover, Eng. Faleh Al Shamsi, Electricity Maintenance Department Manager – AADC Electricity Directorate, gave a detailed introduction about the new service recently launched by AADC “Istimrar”, automatic payments, is a direct debit service to pay water and electricity bills automatically through customer's banking account (current account) in cooperation with the UAE Central Bank. It is designed to provide a fast, easy and secure payment method to improve and facilitate the monthly bill payment and allows customers to activate bill smoothing service which is the calculation of the monthly average value of the monthly bill to be deducted as fixed amount every month for one year during summer and winter periods.

Also, he introduced a presentation about the AADC; its identity, and its improvements since establishment in January 1999 till now. He talked about the change in customers’ numbers, lengths of water pipelines and electricity grids, and customer services and initiatives as well.

In addition, he pointed that people must be educated through workshops on how to save energy, take the domestic measures and implement the best practices on saving and using energy. He talked about some ways of saving electricity like replace the traditional lights with LED lights, use the natural lightening during the day, switch off all lights when leaving rooms and keep all electrical appliances off when not in use, as well as some ways of saving water when taking shower, washing and cleaning. Also, he highlighted on requirements of security and safety when using electricity to preserve next generations’ rights of natural resources.    

Finally, this lecture is part of AADC Conversation campaigns chain that directed to Community members to enhance security and safety and to provide the ways of saving water and electricity. Thus, AADC presented some conservational tools and deployed booklets and brochures that urges people toward conservation; meaning of conservation and the optimal use of energy, besides changing their daily habits of consumption.

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