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AADC tested the speed response of Water Emergency Teams

October, 23 2019 Views: 377
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Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC) and Abu Dhabi Police conducted a mock evacuation test to examine the effectiveness of Emergency plan in handling cases related to a partial water interruption in water distribution networks and lack of water access to customers, which results in supplying them with water in tankers, the test conducted in Mezyad District.

Therefore, Al Ain Police Directorate, reaffirmed on AD police efforts in spreading the concept of partners and mutual cooperation, coordinating with public and private entities to implement the emergency plan and conduct the mock evacuation to fulfill the conditions of prevention and safety. 

Also, AADC stated that these tests came in line with AADC policies that aimed to enhance the teams’ readiness in responding to emergency cases through carrying realistic scenarios of water and electricity interruptions and coordinating with the concerned government entities to handle the problems occurred, in order to maintain continous of business and water and electricity distribution services.

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