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AADC urges Al Wagan people to save energy

September, 16 2019 Views: 887
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In coordination with Al Ain Distribution Company, The Majalis Affairs Office at the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court gave a lecture on (The importance of conservation in preserving our natural resources) at Al Wagan majles, and in presence of a group of Al Wagan people and AADC engineers. This lecture aims to introduce the meaning of wise consumption, instructions, and steps that contribute in maintaining our environment and natural resources, as well as to achieve sustainability by adhering the domestic security and safety conditions.

Also, they talked about many topics to raise attendants awareness on the importance of saving power, such as; maintain energy, wise consumption, domestics measures and best practices and use of energy. As well as reviewing some different ways to conserve electricity by replacing ordinary lights with energy-efficient lights( LED), depending on natural lights during the day and turning off all unnecessary lights and l electrical appliances upon completion of work, in addition to review some ways of conserving water during shower, washing and cleaning. Finally, they pointed that following the instructions of security and safety will prevent the occurrence of electrical hazards and will contribute in preserving future generations’ rights of energy.


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