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AADC to effective midday break

June, 15 2019 Views: 1575
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Al Ain Distribution Company midday break comes into effect in line with the resolution of The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, which stated that it is prohibited to execute work at the time of midday in the open places and under direct sunlight in the period from 15th of June till 15th of September from 12.30pm till 3pm."

 Moreover, Acting managing director of AADC, Abdulla Al Sheryani said that we must work together to implement this resolution in order to meet the general safety, affirming that managers and supervisors of technical departments shall be commitment to this resolution. Also, he added that workers and supervisors shall be educated with the side effects of the heat stress that caused by working under direct sunlight and to shall be provided with safety tools. He stressed that AADC always concern to provide safe and proper work environment, as workers are always the fundamental factor of Work system.    

In this regard, Health, safety and environment department of AADC circulate the “Midday break” resolution on all employees, asking the company work team and contractors to inform their workers of this resolution and to educate them with occupational safety in order to keep them well. In addition, the department sends e-mails and distributes guidance brochures to all locations to educate the workers and supervisors of the health problems caused by being under direct sunlight for a long time and heat stress, as well as the procedures of carrying first aids for any exhausted worker.

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