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AADC disconnected electrical power of 117 iftar tents in Al Ain

June, 9 2019 Views: 641
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After Ramadan, Al Ain Distribution Company disconnected the electrical power of 117 iftar tents that connected before Ramadan and distributed in different 27 areas in Al Ain. The locations selected in coordination with the concerned government bodies in order to meet the general instructions of security and safety and to save people lives.

Moreover, AADC managing director, Abdulla Al Sheryani stated that the pre-coordination with different government bodies contributes in implementing iftar tents successfully and on the proper time. Also, we would like to thanks all charity workers and benefactors for their efforts and collaboration with company. As they help in implementing the required organizational procedures as per their limitations such as getting permits and approvals from the concerned parties, implementing the requirements of security and safety, connecting electrical power safely and heling the company to perform its work fully by implementing the necessary technical conditions.

  According to the technical report issued by Power network planning and development department of AADC, that total number of tents was 117, 20 were belong to Red Crescent Authority and 97 were donated by benefactors, and distributed in 27 different areas in Al Ain city. The tents connected with electrical power by the company before last Ramadan, where the total current load was 3214 KW and cables length reach 6450m.


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