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AADC Launches “Ambassadors of safety” initiative in the world day for health and safety at work

April, 28 2019 Views: 554
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In the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which falls on April 28 each year, Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC) launched “Ambassadors of Safety” initiative. It is a social responsibility allowing all people to participate and be an Ambassador of Safety by using Aman Service that available on AADC smart application to report all cases related to general safety and environment. AADC take the opportunity to announce this special initiative in its celebration that attended by a group of government and private entities such as Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health Center, General Administration of Civil Defence, Al Ain Traffic Department and Health Department.

 Mr. Abdulla Al Sheryani, AADC acting managing director, stated that Ambassadors of Safety is a practical application allowing all individuals through AADC smart application to exercise their social responsibility by using Aman Service to report all cases related to security and safety anytime anywhere. This step will result in joining efforts to upgrade the level of security and safety, save lives and possessions and have a healthy community with no risks.

During the celebration, Al Sheryani said that AADC has declared the integrated system of occupational health and safety and environment management at the beginning of the current year. In addition, AADC got a global certificate from Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health Center which is responsible for health and safety at work in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi to be in line with the international best practices in the field and to save workers and clients.

Along with celebration, AADC conducts an exhibition to present the tools and equipment of security and safety, the latest firefighting systems and the medical tools for first aids, aiming to educate employees and visitors on occupational safety and health, ways to avoid risks and commitment to apply the best and newest world practices on health and safety. The entities’ representatives participated in the exhibition where it includes an educational patrols of Emergency and public safety section- Al Ain and a vehicle of General Defense with a brief explanation about its equipment and tools for firefighting, as well as some companies that specialized in the manufacture of personal preventive tools, firefighting and safety controls.

Also, Eng. Abdulhadi Al Hajery, Health, safety and environment department manager, reaffirmed on the importance of the fully prepared of employees and contractors to face risks in a safe manner that maintain their lives and the life of customers. In the regard, the company has accomplished 7848 specialized and non-specialized training hours, beside accomplishment of the training of 1280 employees who received a global verified certificate from the British Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). In addition, the company completes 3,236,338 working hours with no accident or work-related injuries in a way to spread the culture of health and safety at work among employees. Finally, he added that the development of the integrated management system led to enhance the employees responding time to emergency as it changed from 5 to 3 minutes during training and fire drill tests.

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