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AADC to spread the safety requirements

May, 1 2019 Views: 557
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AADC has arranged several activities to celebrate International Workers Day, which occurs every year on May 1st, in line with UAE and its entities celebrations of the occasion. The celebration is to meet the wise government directives that call to enhance workers situation, give them their full rights and show their role in the country development. Besides, workers received some discretionary gifts and free medical examinations such; blood pressure, sugar, weight and height, provided in cooperation with NMC Hospital. In addition to some publications related to health requirements and instructions.

Moreover, AADC gave awareness lectures on health and safety at work in different languages; Arabic, English and Urdu, aiming at raising the awareness on the importance of commitment to requirements and instructions of Occupational health and safety like wearing the personal preventive tools during work and to educate them with the necessary actions to be taken in case of emergency.

Finally, AADC acting managing director, Mr. Abdulla Al Sheryani assured on the importance of strengthen and promote the principles of respecting work values, workers’ rights and authentic human values. Also, he praised their hard work and dignity in accomplishing their work fully. Besides, he urged directors, department’s managers and head of sections to work with workers as one team by using social media and promote collaboration between them, as well as to provide a positive work environment that helps employees be happy by achieve a balance between their professional and social lives, and helps in improving their performance, thus contributing to the achievement of the happiness of customers and the community in general.

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