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Al Ain Distribution Company is Participating in the State Observances of the International Day of Happiness

March, 20 2018 Views: 748
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Al Ain Distribution Company, on the International Day of Happiness which is celebrated worldwide every March

20, has organized a package of events and surprises to please its employees as well as spreading happiness and

positivity among them. International Day of Happiness is considered one of the most important governmental

orientations which the UAE seeks. This was confirmed in the last World Happiness Report as the UAE ranked first

in the Arab world and the 28th worldwide in the index of happiness to consider the People of UAE as “Happiest


Mr. Abdullah Al-Shuraiani, Acting Managing Director of Al Ain Distribution Company, said that our celebration

of International Day of Happiness stemmed from the participation with the State in the celebration on this day

and in line with the orientations of the Government of the UAE towards raising awareness of the importance

of achieving happiness in the life of the individual and all concerned groups including; customers, partners,

employees, and the correction of the typical concepts of happiness in addition to making the customer the

major focus in providing him with excellent services and work to make him happy.

Al Sheryani also stressed that Al Ain Distribution Company adopted the State’s orientations to please the

employees as one of the main factors in the success of work environment. Therefore, the company was keen

to broadcast happiness to its employees in order to internally enhance this environment reflecting on the

employees’ performance towards the work and their customers in addition to the targeted audience. To this end,

the company has developed a Team of Happiness works on developing and adopting ideas that would inculcate

happiness concepts and values among employees.

The company has also organized a number of events in celebration of the International Day of Happiness, which

included; the message of Acting Managing Director of Al Ain Distribution Company and competitions for its

employees as well as offering discounts from Al Ain’s centers and companies as a matter of bringing joy and

pleasure to the employees. Managing Director of Al Ain Distribution Company, at the end of the ceremony, has

honored the happy employee and the happiest department for this year.

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