Bill Estimation

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Welcome to the Bill Estimation FAQ page.  


We have dedicated this page on our website to answer your questions about the estimated bill. 

Please note that meter readings have become restricted under quarantine, because of this and other factors such as, un-accessible meters and uncollected meter readings, you might receive a Bill Estimation. 

Despite the current situation, we will continue to support you with our services.

Everything you need to know about the Bill Estimation




  •    What is a Bill Estimation?

A bill estimation is the process by which we estimate the amount of water and electricity consumed by the customer using his/her previous consumption data. It is also our way of supporting you with budgeting your monthly bill payment when your meter cannot be physically read.

  •   How is the bill estimation calculated?

To calculate a bill estimation, we use the customer’s usage from the previous month or year to estimate the current month’s consumption.

  •   I have received an estimated bill. When will I receive an accurate bill?

You should receive an accurate bill once the actual meter reading is taken, which we anticipate in the month of June and July. It is worth mentioning that the vast majority of our bills are based on actual meter reading through ought the year following the global best practice and estimation only occurs in unique situations.

  •  Is my meter reading accurately?

We consider a reading taken by the meter reader to be accurate. If customers find the readings inaccurate based on their consumption habits, they should request to get their meter checked by our technical team by calling our customer service center.


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